I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Prologue


The template is about reincarnating into a otome game.

My little sister is really into those otome game

“I’ll Risk Everything For You” with such title, it was set in a fantasy world with a image of something like medieval Europe, where the setting is at a place called “White Rose Academy” where bunch of nobles attend to, and it is a type of game where you capture characters.

My little sister play that game using the TV in the living room everyday, and made me help with her capture, however as we advance along the game I have a hunch that “we will lose”…

“In this case, which reply should I choose, to Ani (Big Bro) which one will raise the good feeling?”

And every time when the choices come up, she always ask me.

Every time she ask me to choose, I don’t think it’s “self played” anymore, but apparently she don’t mind.

In this game, there are 6 characters to be capture.

Furthermore, after capturing all of the happy endings, bad endings, and normal endings, and also destroyed all of the character’s flags, you’ll be able to see the true end “Friend” by becoming friends with all of them, and when you complete all the endings, the hidden route for the hidden 7th character will comes out.

When you capture everyone including the 7th, you’ll release the reverse harem end scenario.

My little sister is doing her best to aim for that reverse harem end. I regret the decision, but since I was forced to go along with her, I end up memorizing all of the correct choice for all of  the heroine’s captures.


“Don’t you think this heroine is very bitchy? Just where is the “good personality and hard worker” characteristic at? Well, I acknowledge that she is a hard worker in another meaning.”

I acknowledge her endeavor in seducing guys.

“In addition, her behaviors are too idiotic. Don’t even have common sense.  Won’t it be too DQN (rough or uncultured/inferior) if this type of person become real?”

My little sister cackle at my opinion.

“You can’t say that~!!!”

Why is she laughing.

To me, the rival character, the “Villainess Girl” is more likeable.

The daughter of the duke who is the hidden character’s fiance, always appear in all of the character’s capture route. Her features is depicted like a fox, but she is considerably beautiful. The mob characters who went too far with their bullying, she warn them to put the end of such farce and protect the heroine, and then she valiantly and firmly reprimand the heroine’s ostentatious behavior.

If it were me, I would have reprimand her harsher, however the heroine was like “She hates me!”, and the foolish capture targets were like “Do not bully Heroine – tan!!” or something along those lines. .

They are seriously bunch of retards.

Being surrounded by bunch of retards, the daughter of the duke who is the only one with common sense and proper pride of a noble, was made out to be the villain.

It’s a terrible world.

I, who lives in modern Japan consider myself to be fortunate.

If I were to be thrown into that world, my head would becomes strange.

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