I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The duke’s daughter, she is seriously way too cute…

Didn’t he say something about tomorrow, a entrance ceremony or something?

I recall back at what that foreigner said when we were in the dining room.

Now that I think of it, isn’t he….

One of the captures target, Robert from the Marquis household isn’t he? He was that idiot, who broke off his engagement in the presence of the public, all so he can let the bitch enter his household, and even knock down the evil villainess, Angelica’s fan.

Then, everyone starts to see Angelica as their enemy. (TL: Poor girl)

Thanks to that, the bitch had an easier time to approach other capture targets, and they had fall pretty quickly.

Yup, what a wonderful bite the dog have.

“Puuuuuu……kukukuku!” (TL: He breath out and start laughing evilly…)

Remembering about Robert’s choice options, I end up bursting out a laughter.

From that voice, the butler notice that I’ve woke up and opened the curtain of the canopy.

“Your highness, I’m glad that you have awaken. Are you feeling unwell anywhere?”

He indeed had this “sebastian”, butler like feeling as he ask me with much concern. (TL: SEBASTIAN IS THAT YOU!!!)

“Aa, I have worried you, Daniel. There’s no particular problem.”

“I see. However, just to be sure I have called the doctor to examine you. Is it fine to do so right now?

“There’s really no need to worry… Well, let him in anyway.

I think it’s a bit exaggerated, but then again it’s a given for my position.

I lift half of my body off the bed, and the doctor gave me medical attention. Well, of course there’s no problem whatsoever.

For now, he said that it doesn’t seem like fatigue is the problem, but I should take the day off tomorrow and rest anyway. That’s bad.

Tomorrow is the entrance ceremony. Angelica will be there.

As her fiance, it’s my privilege and responsibility to escort her!

What kind of woman she is, I want to see it with my “eyes”, rather than with Kyle’s memory.

This dude, he clearly carried no emotions toward Angelica, and according to the memory that had pour into my mind, he only acknowledged her as a fellow noble.

Compromising with only attending the ceremony and not the welcome party, I was finally able to convince the doctor to let me go.
The next morning, we decided to pick her up from her estate and escort her to her dorm.

Ah, about the school. From 15 years old to 18 years old, the nobles are educated on socializing (networking) so they can build fresh new personal connection, and everyone who lives in the dorm is like that. The lady’s dorm and gentleman’s dorm are separate by buildings, and everyone have their own private rooms.  Inside those private rooms there is a bedroom, a living room to serve guest, and 3 servant rooms, and as you can see it’s for rich people.

They usually bring a group of excellent attendants that consist of one bulter, one male servant, and two female servant.

As for meals, people either eat in their room or at the dining hall.

The school dress code is a navy blue and white tone blazer-style uniform, and everyone have to wear it inside the Academy.

There’s a lot of things I want to complain (tsukkomi) about, but since this world was originally a world inside a game, well it can’t be help.

Apparently, they also accept international students, thus it’s an environment where everyone is doing there best to build political connections with other countries.

And, it’s typical for ladies who still doesn’t have an engagement partner yet to try to find one here.

While I was reviewing the information about this world, I have arrived at her estate.

Since we had sent a preliminary letter to them, the people in there came out to welcome us expectantly. The head of the house, the duke and his wife, and today’s heroine, Angelica, came out to greet us with a big smile.

I got off the carriage, and mutually greet and smile back, and then I turn to face her as I give her my special smile.

Her brand new uniform made her look freshly pure, and for a moment I stared at her beautiful sharp eyes and innocent looking face.

“Shall I escort you to the Academy? My princess?”

I awkwardly held her white gloved slender hand up toward my chest, and kissed it.

Just like that, I upturned my eyes and look at her, who have a crease between her eyebrows giving me a difficult expression.

Did I made a mistake with my greeting?

While thinking so, I once more observe her, and for some reason she is trembling. Also, I couldn’t see her face clearly because she is hiding it behind her hairs, but her ears seems  to be red.

“Y, yes. Thank you (or I’m in your care/please take care of me), Kyle – sama.”

Her voice as well, seems to be shaking?

Is this perhaps…..

In order to confirm my thought, I decide that I shall once again push it a bit more.

I invite her into my elegant carriage and sat beside her, and the carriage immediately depart.

“As always, you’re very beautiful. Angelica.”

Immediately, once again, I held the back of her gloved hand toward my lip and stared into her eyes, smiling a sweet smile.

Thump!! A loud sound resound, and the beautiful girl with sharp eyes flushed deep red.

She look at me with a fish like eyes that turned cloudy a few times, but I feel like she had an embarrassed face.

……As I thought, she is shy.

It appears that she now have an embarrassed expression and complicated face.

And it seems like she is panicking very bad, “Eh, A….a……” and somewhat muttering out a small voice as her eyes swims around.

What a funny reaction.


That appearance just look so cute, that I was unable to hold back my voice.

“Huu! Please stop teasing me!!”

With a bright red face, Angelica with an angry tone protest to me.

“I am not teasing you. It just that you’re too excessively cute.”


As I comment that she is “excessively cute” with a smile then I questioned “Eh? Are you turning redder?” because her face flushed even deeper red too the point I worried about her health. And just like that she stayed quiet.

Her hand that I had kissed stayed embraced in my hand and time seems to have stopped, and sometimes I gently caressed her hand with ticklish feelings.

During the travel, she with an embarrassed face, flutter her gaze at me from time to time. It doesn’t seems like she dislike my behavior. (TL: Oh, such a cute lil thing! I just wanna take her away from Kyle. LOL)

“Hm? Is something the matter?” With a somewhat of an unnatural smile she reply as she cast her eyes down, “Aa….., no, nothing.”

This, doesn’t this shows that she likes me?

From Kyle’s memory, no matter where I look, there was never a situation like this.

Till now, I had greet her politely like any other times, and as usual kissed the back of her gloved hand, however this is the first time she had shown such reaction.

It appears that my special smile is considerably destructive.

Yup, this must be a sexual harassment.

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