I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: I have been recarnated into the world I hate the most.

In the end, during my whole summer vacation I have been forced to play the game by my little sister.

Now that I have to go to college, I have finally been released from that torture, and with such exhilarating feeling, I cheerfully walk down the street toward the train station that’s 5 minute away.

“How far have you advance in that game? Have you capture Kyle – sama yet?

“Nope~. Since that Angelica bitch was so annoying. More like Kyle – sama is too good for someone like you~!”

I was almost at my destination, but I was detained by the traffic light, and at the same time while I’m waiting for the traffic light to change I somehow overheard the conversation from a group of high school girls.

Apparently those girls were also playing that game.

And since the hidden character’s name came out, they seem to be pretty far ahead.


The duke’s daughter, she seems to be hated by them.

While I’m listening to their conversation, I unintentionally let out a wry smile.

In my opinion, I think that girl is pretty cute.

While I was distracted by my thought, I suddenly heard a terrible scream and a very loud crashing sound around my surroundings.

Eh? While I was caught up in my thought, a large truck plunged toward where I’m standing.

Aa, I’m totally dead.

Before I notice, I was standing in a unknown place.

Somehow it was a place that’s awfully luxurious. And there’s foreigners in front of me.

It seems like they were in the middle of a meal.

A nice trimmed camellia like red hairs, and brown eyes. Somehow, I feel like I seen this person before.

“Kyle, tomorrow is the entranced ceremony isn’t it. I and you, and your fiance who look forward to the academy life will start soon. I guess today is really the “last supper”, huh.”

Before my eyes, the foreigner said to me with a pompous wink.

Somehow, annoying.

However, despite being a foreigner, this guy’s japanese is pretty good.

I was thinking of such thing despite being utterly confused.

Anyway, why is this person talking to me? Although he seem familiar, but isn’t this our first meeting? Why the hell is he talking to me this frankly. Also, that’s not even my name.

I wonder if this disappointment of foreigner’s head alright? Did he mistake me for someone else?

I mean my name is….

When I try to remember, a severe headache suddenly attack me, and I lost my conscious on the spot.

In the trance of my unconsciousness, I finally grasp my current situation.

Kyle = Fox = Justin’s memories till now have been pouring into my mind.

Apparently, it seems like I have been reincarnated into that game’s hidden character.

Is this possibly a dream and I’m not actually dead, or is it something like reincarnation that have been a trend these days and that it happened to me, either way to me right now this is nothing but an illusion.

If it were a dream I would just temporarily have fun, but if it’s reincarnation I need to prepare the way I live in  this world.

……Well, there’s nothing else I can do other than to resolves to have fun in this world.

I mean, to me “right now” is nothing but an illusion.

After concluding my resolution, I finally regained my conscious. Apparently, I’m able to open my eyes now.

I hope that when I wake up I will be in the world where Japan is, and so I slowly open my eyes.
My hope, was not fulfilled…….

I stared at the canopy, and thought that even though it’s a place I don’t know at all, I know that this world is not Japan, but it’s that crazy otome game’s world.

I who had faint at the dinning, seems to have been taken to my room.

Tears came out as I think about the future from now on.

My reincarnation? I found out that I’m the first prince’s Kyle, the hidden character.

If I continue to live this life, I will eventually have to shoulder this country.

Also, there are at least 3 other retard captures that will become entourage in the future.

If their personality just like the game, then they nothing but retards.

Putting having retards as associates aside, to think I have to governor a country, that is just “impossible” you know?

At least if I were reincarnated during my early childhood, I would have been able to at least correct the other captures’ personality….

At least there’s something to be relief of.

The fiance is at least a decent person.

If it’s her, she will be a wonderful queen with common sense. Also, she’s also my type.

Toward her, Kyle only hold emotions that are obligatory because the marriage is nothing, but a political maneuver and that there’s a clear cut line.

What about her? To Kyle, does she have any feeling of love toward him? Or….

From what I seen in the game, she seems to be in love…

According to my common sense, people only married each when they are in loved.

However, in this world there’s probably political marriage as well.

That lady, she had no problem with the political marriage, and the only complication is the feelings.

Well, I favor her when I was playing the game. However, since I have never actually met her, whether l will have feelings or not that I do not know.

I don’t think of trying hard to have feelings for her, but an unfavorable relationship with the queen will be uncomfortable.

Also there’s this problem in what to do with those retard associate, but holding a favorable relationship with the empress is more important.

First, I need to see if I can get in contact with her.

Eh? What about the heroine?

I will absolutely not let her get involve with my life at all. Absolutely not!

A stupid bitch like her, if she throw herself onto me I’ll mess her up appropriately, however my current position won’t allow that.

After all, every action bear heavy responsibilities.

That’s why, I’ll ignored her. With all my power.

My ignoring power is considerably strong. Well, there’s probably no need to be worried.

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